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Book Composition and Design

Inari Information Services designs and composes books for both academic and small independent presses.

We specialize in projects containing a high level of non-standard elements, copious artwork, and tables.

Languages we have worked with include Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Hebrew, classical Greek, Turkish, African dialects with unusual diacritics, and Sanskrit. We are also familiar with the International Phonetic Alphabet.

We enjoy the challenge of creating difficult character sets. Some of the more complicated projects we have worked on are Nakama II (an intermediate Japanese textbook for English-speaking high school and university students), The Korean Language, China's Old Dwellings (which includes more than 500 high-resolution scans and both traditional and simplified Chinese characters throughout), The Salamanders of North America, Inland Fishes of Mississippi, Singing Early Music (containing a full range of IPA transliterations), and Landmarks of Mechanical Engineering.

In addition to composition, we also provide full project management services, interior design, cover design, production and final document delivery.

Some files are quite large and will take time to download.

examples of our work
China's Old Dwellings
---Cover | p23
Holding Up More than Half the Sky
---p306 | p307
Husserl and Transcendental Intersubjectivity
---Title page | p25 | p38 | p39
Victorian Studies
Science Unfettered
Houses Far from Home
---Cover | p21 | p24 | p36 | p37
Pastimes and Politics
---Title page | p30 | p31 | Chapter 2
Paths of Accommodation
---Title page | p37 | p122
In the Company of Diamonds
---Title page | p15 | p65 | Table 2.1 | Table 2.2 | Table 2.3
The Leader's Imperative
---Title page | p181 | p182 | p183
Nakama II
---p235 | p244 | p489
And Quiet Flows the Vodka
---Title page | p39 | p40 | p41
The Korean Language
---p14 | p21 | p141
From Boston to Berlin
---Cover | p45 | p48 | p51
Journal of Folklore Research
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