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Inari was one of the first to provide interpretation for U.S. companies engaging Japanese consultants in the "Toyota Production System" (also known as "Just-in-Time" manufacturing).

Our interpreters work throughout the United States, England, France, Canada, Mexico, and Japan, for companies ranging from bathtub manufacturers to those in the aerospace industry. We have logged hundreds of weeks on shopfloors and in conference rooms, often under trying circumstances.

Companies we have worked with include TBM Consulting Group, The Danaher Group, AlliedSignal, Pratt and Whitney, Hillenbrand Industries, Hamilton Standard, General Motors, and Chrysler.


We provide both English-to-Japanese and Japanese-to-English translations primarily in the following fields: mechanical and electrical engineering, manufacturing technology, business and management practices, computers, computer-related technology, and machine tools. We can provide simple translations of text, recreate artwork, tables, and other non-standard text, taking a translation all the way to the printer, when necessary.

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